About Us – Sama Sa(yangi) Ma(laysia)

By Sophia

The idea of Sama-sama is conceived base on our same love for Malaysia. The word “Sama” means same and equal; when it’s repeated, “Sama-sama”, it means together or in another context you’re welcome or thanking you back, when the other person says thank you.

Hence we have Sama SAyangi MAlaysia as our theme—Together, we love Malaysia; and the activities and programme planned are all to be enjoyed together, regardless of gender, race and religions, the young or the young-at-heart.


This fun-filled yet meaningful event is whole-heartedly brought to you by the Tourism Board of Perak, for everybody to celebrate together, as the National Day is all about us, who stood united together to gain our independence, since 61 years ago till today, we welcome and celebrate a new dawn, that belongs to each and every one of us.

A six-week long event, 12 Aug till 16 Sep, the day on 1963 when Sabah (then North Borneo) and Sarawak joined Peninsular Malaysia (then Malaya) to establish a Malaysian Federation. On 16 Sep 1963, we come together as one, under a new constitution into one new nation called Malaysia. Hence a six-week long event to truly depict the togetherness or sama-sama that spans across National Day and Malaysia Day.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12 Aug till 16 Sep, every nook and corner of Ipoh will come alive, filled with thrilling and exciting activities. From dawn till dusk, you’ll be really busy having fun!

To begin with, there’s Sama-sama Talk—so there will be talks, about Ipoh, you might be quite well-versed about its glorious past, but aren’t you curious about what Ipoh’s future holds for you? And there’re talks about traditional art and movies and also movies screening if history talk is not your cup of white coffee.

Then of course, all talks and no play would make you a dull person! Sama-sama Play is what we planned for you to walk down the memories lane, relive those childhood days you and your friends play and laugh together. Do pepsi-cola, baling slipper, hopscotch etc ring a bell?

And the fun escalates, Sama-Sama Ria would walk you through Kampung Ria and you would experience different languages and dialects, and we are ready to awe you with traditional performances, dances and martial art.

Or should you choose to perform yourself, join us in the Sama-sama Zumba and show off your suave move! And more sports—Sama-sama Hike, let’s conquer some tracks together!

If you like percussions, Sama-sama Drum is an event you must not miss! Bucket drumming, beatbox, 24-season drum, box drum, all surely would get your pulse beating.

And get serenade in Sama-sama Voice’s singing and choir, also, there’s poem reciting, dikir barat and everything about the art of voice.

Sama-sama Sketch would feature a group of sketch artists and their work would be exhibited throughout the event.

Six weeks long, an event you’ll always remember, sincerely brought to you by the Tourism Board of Perak, to bring everyone together!

So, let’s celebrate Malaysia’s 61st birthday sama sama!