Sama Sama Pop Corn Night: Amir & Loqman Pergi Ke Laut

Date: Saturday, 18th August 2018
Time: Starting 8.45pm
Location: Medan Selera Dato Sagor

The movie was shot in Ipoh in 2014. The story revolved around two youngsters, Amir and Loqman, who dreamed of making it big in the underground world but found out the hard way and realized all the said glamour was a mere hoax.


Amir & Loqman Pergi Ke Laut

The movie was shot in Ipoh in 2014. The story revolved around two youngsters, Amir and Loqman, who dreamed of making it big in the underground world but found out the hard way and realized all the said glamour was a mere hoax. When they tried to quit, they were shocked to find out that they have to pay a huge sum to exit.

The clumsy duo now scrambled and tried in vain to get the required money. The situation was made worse when the triad head’s girlfriend fell for Loqman. In the meantime, the triad leaders themselves also have their own set of problems to deal with. Apparently they were being hunted and killed while in search of a new 'taikor' who died of a freak accident, no thanks to our protagonists.

This movie is both comedic and tragic. Both Amir and Loqman want to open a cafe by the seaside once they leave the underworld.

So, did they make it? Who ended up as the new taikor? Did Loqman win the girl over?

Come and find out yourself and then have the golden opportunity to chat with the director himself, En. Mamat Khalid, together with prominent movie historian and analyst, Pak Hassan Muthalib, who will give a different take on the movie and how he interprets it. Come and listen first-hand what the director has in mind when making this movie.

The session will be moderated by Abror Rivai from RumahKarya, who is a seasoned veteran in the movie industry.

About The Speakers

Mamat Khalid
With an average of more than one movie per year, Mohamad bin Mohd Khalid or more fondly known as Mamat Khalid, is a highly productive local director.

Since his debut as a director in 2003 with Lang Buana, he has directed over 18 movies and won numerous accolades in the industry. Most of his works were critically acclaimed though such praises were not reflected in the box office ticket sales, making him perhaps one of the most under-rated directors in the local scene. His movies are mostly parody, reflecting contemporary political situations that resonates well with those that understand his semantics, but may not sit down well with the power that be.

Despite the setback, he continues with his work diligently and is currently working on Rock Bro 4, the fourth instalment that was a success trilogy hit from his earlier works. Two new movies will be on show in 2018. He also manages Sarang Art Hub in TanjungMalim, a sanctuary for rock and art fans, with his family.
Hassan Muthalib
The Malaysian government bestowed the titles Bapa Animasi and Tokoh Seni upon him in recognition of his pioneering work in the local animation industry. However, he is more known as a film historian and reviewer nowadays.

A self-taught master, he was busy jotting down notes in darkness inside cinemas during his younger days learning about the cinematic language and stylistics, trying to dissect the hidden messages behind every director. His stern and vocal critique about the local film industry only denotes his undying love and concern for his peers and counterparts. It is no surprise he continues to inspire the inspired directors and someone like Yasmin Ahmad who will turn to for advice. Despite his age, he still travels ferociously to teach, judge, review and share his knowledge to the young and aspired.

He remains the most regularly featured speakers in Sharpened Word Ipoh but we are not apologetic about the frequency of his visits.

About The Moderator

Abror Rivai
Abror Rivai was born in 1976 in Taiping, Perak. He is a director who produces short films and documentaries; his latest offering being an independent feature film, Karya.

The short film, Tanjong Kelang entered into the 2004 CinemAsia Film Festival held in Amsterdam. Received the Justin Louis Award at the Freedom Film Fest 2008 for the documentary titled PRU12 :Demokerasi atau Rebutan Kerusi, which was one of the winners at the said festival. In 2009, for the short film Perempuan, Hujan & Kematian, he received the Selangor Young Talent Award for the New Media category. He is still writing about his views, film reviews and critiques at, an online magazine focusing on culture, arts and politics.

Currently collaborating with Azmil Mokhtar and a group of like-minded friends to bring to life RumahKarya, a new space to view and discuss any work of art produced. A member of the Council of Titiwangsa Film Community or Komfit since 2017.