Sama Sama Talk: In Yasmin's Eyes, This is Malaysia

Date: Sunday, 16th September 2018
Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm
Location: Home of Silveryouth

In the spirit of a ‘new’ Malaysia, we’ll be using the late Yasmin Ahmad’s movies to relate to Malaysians and their desire to change for a better future.


In Yasmin's Eyes, This is Malaysia

In the spirit of a ‘new’ Malaysia, we’ll be using the late Yasmin Ahmad’s movies to relate to Malaysians and their desire to change for a better future.

To do this, we’ll be inviting three prestigious guest speakers to give their take on what it means to be a ‘new’ Malaysia. The session will be moderated by Yasmin Yusof, who will bring her larger-than-life personality to the event, and include speakers like Hassan Muthalib, Pete Teo and DatinOrked Ahmad.

We will also be screening Yasmin’s most famous movie, ‘Sepet’ at 9am to 10.30am before the commencement of the talk.

About The Speakers

Hassan Muthalib
The Malaysian government bestowed the titles Bapa Animasi and Tokoh Seni upon him in recognition of his pioneering work in the local animation industry. However, he is more known as a film historian and reviewer nowadays.

A self-taught master, he was busy jotting down notes in darkness inside cinemas during his younger days learning about the cinematic language and stylistics, trying to dissect the hidden messages behind every director. His stern and vocal critique about the local film industry only denotes his undying love and concern for his peers and counterparts. It is no surprise he continues to inspire the inspired directors and someone like Yasmin Ahmad who will turn to for advice. Despite his age, he still travels ferociously to teach, judge, review and share his knowledge to the young and aspired.

He remains the most regularly featured speakers in Sharpened Word Ipoh but we are not apologetic about the frequency of his visits.

Pete Teo
Pete Teo is one of the most prominent artists in Malaysia. He attended a Quaker high school in York before obtaining Bachelor and Master degrees in Social Theory & Law at the London School Of Economics.

He first gained popularity as a music artist, and has performed in live houses, radio stations and music festivals in Japan since 2004, on top of that, he has gained a place in Korea since 2009; but his subsequent work spanned many disciplines, most notably film. In 2011, CNN honoured him as one of ‘135 Asians To Watch’ for making significant contribution to the popular culture of new Asia.

As a film producer/director, Teo’s films are most often associated with reform politics advocacy in Malaysia. His internet viral videos Here In My Home (2008), 15Malaysia (2009), Undilah (2011) and Hari Malaysia (2013) made history not only because millions of Malaysians have watched them, but they also helped change the media landscape in the country. His work in this area was met with glowing review in the Cahiers Du Cinema film journal in France and a week-long exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in 2011.

Teo lives in Kuala Lumpur and owns an organic farm just outside the city.

Datin Orked
Datin Orked is the younger sibling of the late Yasmin Ahmad (film director/screenplay/writer), who now also acts as the ambassador to preserving and spreading the thinking of the elder sister's version of Malaysia through her works.

Unlike Yasmin, Datin Orked is not involved in the silver screen industry but instead enjoys a sparkling career with Maybank. The kinship between the two sisters was so close that Yasmin even used Orked's name in three of her movies - Sepet, Rabun and Mukshin.