Sama Sama Gallery

Date: Daily, 1st September - 30th September 2018
Time: 10.30am - 5pm
Location: Home of Silveryouth

When we talk about roots here, there are two types—one that gives us lives on earth; and one that gives us wings to soar. When you walk through the corridors of Sama-Sama Gallery, which showcases 2 Alam and Loka Made, you will see.


Sama Sama Gallery

2 Alam displays that the lives—the orang asal, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, the balance in the entire ecology system—that are protected under the canopy of our tropical rainforest would be threatened, when there’s no planning and strategy in sustainable development and green economy. Let’s hear out the cry of our forest in the special sharing during weekends. And you will see.

While development is important, it has to be well thought out with plans of sustainability. Or with plans of developing the mind, strengthening the thinking structure, in order to understand our own culture, and protect it. Loka Made would be displaying illustration works with imaginative twist of Malaysia’s elements. When we know our roots, we will have wings. We will soar.

While in the gallery, you stand a chance to win* a Loka Made puzzle worth RM148, it’s very easy:

1) Spot the 1996 Merdeka logo in the illustration

2) Creatively snap the picture and share to Instagram hashtag #lokamadeipoh

*terms and conditions apply

What to Expect
2 Alam