Sama Sama Teka

By Sophia



What is Sama-Sama Teka

In conjunction with 61st Malaysia Birthday, we had organised a series of fun activities and events for you all to participate.

Sama-Sama Teka is one of the fun games where you can win yourself a brand new Apple Ipad together with other amazing prizes that are worth RM 200 each.

Get involved, answer some easy questions and bring home the amazing prizes!

It’s open to everyone and free to participate.

What are you waiting for?


How To Participate in 4 Steps

Step 1.
Register online using our sign up form below so you can receive questions directly in your email inbox.

Step 2.
For 5 consecutive days, we will send 4 questions each day to your email starting on 26th September 2018. You’ll receive 20 questions by the end of the 5th day.

Step 3.
Send your answers to ‘[email protected]’ within 5 days after the last set of questions are sent. Please follow the format as per below:

Name :
Email :
IC Number :
Phone Number :



Step 4.
*Together with the answers, attached a photo taken in Perak and tell the story about photo.

* The participant need to be in the photo and please state the photo location.
* The last date to send your answer sheet is before 11.59pm on 5th October 2018.
* Contest subject to rules and regulations.


Prizes to be Won


Grand Prize: 2 x Apple Ipad

Special Prize: 5 x mysterious gift worth RM 200 each

[Contest Period : 26th September – 5th October 2018]

*Rules and regulations apply.


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